Security Evacuation

For those studying or working abroad in international education, offers an unprecedented benefit for all International plan participants — insured security evacuation.

Natural disasters, political or military unrest, and even terrorist acts can make your stay in a foreign land dangerous. Leading the industry again, now offers insured security evacuation services as a standard benefit in all

This new level of security and protection for our plan participants is offered in partnership with AXA Assistance, which has a worldwide network of 38 multi-lingual assistance centers with 410,000 partners in over 208 countries. works with AXA Assistance to provide immediate support and assistance to individuals and their families in times of emergency and distress.

Through AXA Assistance, International policyholders are provided with real-time country-specific security briefs and up-to-the-minute global travel alerts.

The International Plan Insured Security Evacuation benefit provides for 100% (up to $100,000) of emergency evacuation charges and assistance from or within your host country to the nearest place of safety.